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Coursework at Imperial College


Students in Lab Coats at Imperial CollegeStudents in the Imperial summer program will take 2 classes, 3 credits each, for a total of 6 credits. Both classes are taught at Imperial College-London.  Classes are four days a week leaving time to explore London. 

Chemical Engineering Lab CBE 34360

This is a required course for all chemical and biomolecular undergraduate engineering majors and is taken at Imperial College with a Notre Dame Engineering Professor.

Plant Operations CBE 44360

This is a CBE elective for Chemical and Biomolecular engineers.  This class is taught by faculty at Imperial College.  Watch a video from last years students talking about the lab.


Program Events 

In addition to the 2 classes, students participate in program outings throughout London.  They include excursions of cultural and engineering significance.  Click here for more information.